TIPFACE is focused solely on odds betting and is able to conduct a customized market research for its clients. Data are processed by market research specialists and thus Tipface can offer high quality data for the best price on the market.

    Data Collection 

  • Methodology: CAWI (online)
  • High response rate


  • Quantitative projects
  • Standardized questionnaires

Type of researches

  • AdHoc researches
  • Customized projects


  • A sponzor of survey is anonymous
  • Data are processed in aggregated form


  • Final report is written in PPTX format (PowerPoint)
  • Possibility of another formats

Language version

  • Final report is written in English or Czech language


  • Wide database of bookmakers with daily activities
  • Target group defined by different age categories, localities and betting agencies


  • Opportunity to compare the output (the strengths and weaknesses of own company with competitive ones) with focus on maximal efficiency of the company
Tipface.com is the biggest online social network for bookmakers in the world. It offers a wide range of services with main focus on odds betting. 
We change the world of bets.

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